Health Coverage from Merced, California

Chuck Meyer Insurance Agency of Merced, California, offers a range of personal insurance services and health coverage plans that are affordable and inclusive. 

Covered California

The exchange is designed to allow individuals and employer groups to purchase medical coverage through a sanctioned agent or representative, possibly receiving subsidies along the way. All policies and carriers are authorized by the state of California and the federal government.

Our agency works with you to input data pertaining to your scenario to find out what coverage is best for you. It also allows us to find out what medical and health insurance subsidies you may be eligible for.

Employer Group Medical Coverage

Different employers have different needs when it comes to employee insurance plans. Our agency offers a wide range of policies and plans, and we can work with you to create one that fits all your needs and budget requirements. Group plans can include:

• Medical • Dental • Vision • Disability • Life

Long-Term Care Coverage

Having the right plan for extended medical needs is one of the smartest things you can do. Our long-term care plans provide the needed assistance to ensure your daily needs are taken care of. From nursing and retirement home stays to daily in-home care giver services, your extended medical needs will be taken care of.

Employees, Health Coverage in Merced, CA
Blue Shield of California™, Health Coverage in Merced, CA 

Individual & Family Plans

Nothing is more important than making sure your personal assets and health is covered. Our agency offers a wide range of individual and family insurance plans that ensure you are secure in the event of an emergency.

Coverage & Plans Include:

• Medical
• Annuities

• Vision
• Dental

• Life

Contact us in Merced, California, to speak with us about our health coverage policies and employer insurance plans.